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Mollys Cafe

Mollys has changed hands! The new proprietor is Tina and we wish her well as she continues the established service at one of Broadstone most well known establishments.

Something Special has become something technical now that the new Laptop Fixers Computer shop has opened. We wish Paul the owner the best in his expansion. This shop builds on his store in Parkstone.

It looks like the closure for refurbishment at Ho Choys is taking a while but not nearly so long as Edwards who (at the time of writing) are still “coming soon”.  There is still no news on the future of Motorworld at the end of the Broadway.

Rumour has it that McCarthy and Stone will not start work on the Retirement Apartments until next year so the businesses on the site are safe for a little longer but uncertainty remains.

Congratulations to one of our opticians – Keith Tempany has been nominated as President elect of the British Contact Lense Association.

Finally, consultation closed in July on the initial designs for a Broadway for the Future. The next steps are for a preferred design within the overall Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan to be finalised and eventually go to a local referendum later in the year to decide on its adoption as an approved planning document.

great british high street

High Street of the Year?

The GB High Street Competition has been announced for a second year by the Department for Communities and local Governement.

Shall we enter The Broadway? Deadline is 1st September.

4000 x 5 x 52 =local

Frequent encouragement to shop local isn’t just about loyalty or community and it’s definitey not an emotional marketing ploy on behalf of businesses.

Buying local helps sustain what we have and a drift away to more spending on-line or out of town stores can only contribute to a slow demise of the services that we have here in Broadstone. The Banks are one example. Some stores that people say we need are also good examples – electrical, hardware and haberdashery have all been lost.

But another benefit is sustaining careers, employment and even entrepreneurship for local residents and particularly young people. Full time, job share or part time, work experience, apprenticeships and small businesses opportunities all require the spending support of local people.

If each of the 4,000 Broadstone households diverted an extra £5 of their exisiting spend to broadstone stores each week  – over £1 million would stay in the local economy!

Help – Christmas is Coming

Work is already underway for this years Christmas Lights and Parade. These are two separate but major operations and both rely on a dwindling band of volunteers who make them happen.

This is about project management and delivery and your involvement may not only be fulfilling but something to go into your CV too!

No one is expected to give more than they can manage so please make contact for a no obligation conversation about how you might help.

Broadstone Business Community

This is the new everyday working name of the local Chamber of Trade.

Businesses decided to modernise and operate under a title that better explains the collective enterprise to make Broadstone First Choice.  All businesses are welcome to join and take advantage of the Village Website, Facebook Page, Free Street Wi-Fi as well as other support. Membership enables businesses to contribute as well as find a platform for improving outcomes. If you have a business in Broadstone – please get on-board.
“Step into Broadstone and make it your First Choice for Retail, Services and Leisure”

Simon Merry
Broadstone Business Community
07806 093793


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Simon is the recently retired Chairman of Broadstone Chamber of Trade and Commerce

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