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Barnardo’s in Broadstone

Barnardo’s is a Charity that most of you should have heard of. It was founded over 100 years ago by Dr Barnardo to protect vulnerable children. He was walking home one night, late, after a long day at the hospital and noticed young children, dirty and hungry still out in the streets, they had nowhere else to go. He founded a hostel for them with the motto ‘No child ever turned away’ which of course ensured that the hostel was soon full and he needed to expand!

For a very long time Dr Barnardo’s ran orphanages and Children’s homes. These days there are few orphans left, and not very many children live in Children’s Homes, most are fostered in families. Barnardo’s, now renamed, has responded to this change vigorously and has shifted the emphasis on to children who are still vulnerable within families, and our motto is now

We believe that every child deserves protection, security, food, warmth, health, education and a childhood.

We help :

  • Children who are carers for their disabled parents,
  • Children whose parents are ill or have died,
  • Children who have found that the school system has not worked for them and they have either been excluded from schools, or have left school with little education,
  • Children who are disabled or ill ,
  • Children who have fallen out with their parents or Foster parents,
  • Children who are leaving Care at 18 with no secure homes to fall back on.

We have projects all over Britain, and now several in Dorset.

The Broadstone Barnardo’s Helper Group is one of many volunteer groups around the country who raise money for Barnardo’s. The Broadstone Group has been in existence since the 1950’s and runs two or three fundraising events every year. We also look after and empty all the collecting boxes in the area which raise over £1000 each year. For the last few years we have given about £5000 each year to the central fund.

Susan Jefferies, Secretary, 699647

The national Barnardo’s web-site is : http://www.barnardos.org.uk