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Wimborne Wagtails – A Charity at Last!


After two years of hard work, The Wimborne Wagtails Swimming Club for the Disabled is now a registered charity in its own right. Thanks to Sarah Pickering from EDDC who has been invaluable helping us through the labyrinthine pathways of bureaucracy. At the moment we are affiliated to NASCH, (National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped – http://www.nasch.org.uk/), and Halliwick, (http://halliwick.org/), which focuses on those with physical and/or learning difficulties, to participate in water activities, to move independently in water, and to swim. The Wagtails often go to disability swimming galas at different venues in the south organised by these bodies. So – why do we want to be a charity in our right? There are lots of advantages. When raising money we can get an extra 25% in Gift Aid, assuming the donor is a tax payer. Subscription money, both now and for a number of years back is open to gift aid. We become eligible to all sorts of grants and funding; some through government channels, some through private means. We are also open to corporate sponsorship, especially from local companies. The companies name could be incorporated onto the sports clothes we wear at the galas. We could also mention the company on our website, (http://wimbornewagtails.org.uk/).

So, what does the money go to? On the website we show what donations are for. All the money goes directly to us. Everyone associated with the club is a volunteer, so therefore there are no wages. We have no premises, no fleet of vehicles. Like a business getting funding from a bank a business plan was needed for the application to be a charity. The structure of the charity is like a company; chairman, secretary, treasurer plus committee members. These are like board members and will be trustees of the charity. We are Dorset’s most vulnerable group – all ages, all disabilities, mental as well as physical. I should think most people know of someone who is disabled. Please make them aware of us and the value we would be to them. If you would like to make a donation to this extremely worthwhile local charity please look online or contact me directly.

Disability is a subject I feel passionately about, having spent 10 months in a wheelchair following my stroke of 2008 and losing 5 billion brain cells! I would be more than happy to come and talk to any local bodies, (schools, WI, TWG etc), on the subject of disability and The Wagtails. If interested please e-mail me at Broadstone Clinic, (info@broadstoneclinic.co.uk), or telephone me on my home number: 01202 65977.

It is worth remembering that there are other facilities in the area that offer recreation for members of the disabled community. One such location is the Lakes at Blashford on the outskirts of Ringwood on the Fordingbridge road. In last month’s article I mentioned one of our club members – Rhymer Ede who has written a brilliant testimonial on the club’s website.

Tel – Ellingham Lake 01425 471 470
Ellingham Water Ski and Wakeboard Club,
Ellingham Drove,
BH24 3PJ

Alternatively contact Mr and Mrs Peter and Angela Viney, South-west Regional Co-ordinator:

Email: pviney@aol.com
Tel: 01202 740 470
Mobile: 07710 743 056

Water skiing at Blashford Lakes

Water skiing at Blashford Lakes

The Water Ski-ing Club meets every first Saturday from 9.am – 4pm and Tuesday from 9am – 1pm May to October inclusive. The exception being May when the Club meets on the second Saturday to allow for the May Bank Holiday

I have been going water ski-ing for the since 2005. Held at the picturesque Ellingham Lake at Blashford, this exciting and exhilarating sport is a must for people looking for thrills and spills, not to mention rushes of pure adrenalin.

This is an activity for people of all disabilities, as being disabled is not an obstacle in this sport.

The South-west Regional club is superbly run, with fully qualified tutors on hand to advise and get you out on the water in a safe, but ultimately exhilarating way.

At vast range of Water-ski is available from the stand up ski, sit down ski, dinghies plus all safety equipment including helmet, life-jackets, goggles and wet or dry suits. All are fitted by fully-qualified instructors who carry out stringent checks at all times.

Once out on the water, you are towed behind a speed boat, flanked by two instructors to guide and help you throughout the journey round the lake. The are also quickly on hand to get you back upright if you decide to take a plunge into water. I often do, and believe me, it’s half the fun. The other half of the fun is trying to stay upright and to challenge yourself to do even better next time. The speed boat will go at the speed that you feel comfortable with.

For all you water babies who have got a never say never attitude towards life, this experience is a must……….and I guarantee you’ll be back for more!

If interested, please contact Mr Peter and Angela Viney for more details as outlined above.

The cost for the above is £10.00 per tow plus an annual £10.00 administration fee.

Hot and Cold drinks, snacks and a bar-b-que are available for a small fee.

Adequate changing facilities are available.  It is advisable to bring your own Personal Assistant/carer for help with changing etc. if required. Disabled toilet and showers are on site.

Why not come and join the fun!


About Author

David has lived in Broadstone since 1966. He took a Degree in Chemistry & Physiology at Nottingham University before spending 4 years at the British School of Osteopathy in London. Following graduation from there he spent 2 years living and working in Sydney, Australia. He returned to the UK in 1987. In 1993 he set up the Broadstone Centre of Complementary Medicine, now The Broadstone Clinic of Natural Healthcare. He survived and made a good recovery from a massive stroke in 2008. He had three and a half months in a coma and ten months in a wheelchair. He is the chairman of The Wimborne Wagtails Swimming Club for the Disabled, http://wimbornewagtails.org.uk/

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