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Searching for “John Hudden Lander”


The following message was received from Richard Lander in Australia, who is trying to trace information on his ancestor John Hudden Lander. If anyone has information about this person, then please add a comment at the bottom of this article. Here is the contents of Richard Landers’ message :

I am the great-great-great grandson of John Hudden Lander who is mentioned who is mentioned in the article, “Just How Old is Broadstone?” on your website.

I have been researching my family history for more than 35 years but this man is one of my most baffling ancestors. I can tell you that he was an Ensign in Poole Volunteers (“The Purbeck Landers”). Other members of my Lander family had lived at or near Poole since at least 1640.

My 7th great-grandfather, Edward Lander, was baptised at Worth Matravers in that year. His son, William Lander, was baptised at St Edward’s Church, Corfe Castle in 1664 and was buried at Worth Matravers on 10 June 1705. He was a husbandsman. His son, also William, was a freeman of Poole and an “out of town burgess”. He was the captain of a coastal trading vessel called the “Minerva” which was involved in the London trade, especially in corn. Later he traded with Newfoundland, taking dried cod there and bringing back Newfoundland pine. Several of his offspring became master mariners in Poole. One became a Mayor of Poole and two were Collectors of Customs there.

edward and mary ann lander

Edward Lander (1811-1895) and his wife, Mary Ann (nee Simpson) (1809-1898)

My 4th great-grandfather was baptised and married at St James, Poole – to Mary Campbell. When he died in 1806, he was buried at Poole.

John Hudden Lander was their eldest son and the one I know least about. Their other children included David Osmond Lander who was a Freeman/Mayor/Alderman of Poole, Dorset. Freeman (1804); Mayor (1825-26), Alderman (1835). Collector of Customs at Poole 1802-1830. He married Elizabeth Humber Weston.

Their eldest daughter was Mary Campbell Lander who married Richard James Bourchier (also at St James, Poole). He became Postmaster of Malta on 1 April 1849.

Their third son, Charles Alexander Lander married Adèle Du Caurroy. He was Britain’s Consul or Vice Consul of the Dardenelles between 1828 and 1848.

Their second daughter and youngest child, Louisa Ann Lander married James Calvert, Esq. He was also one of a long line of British Consul’s in the Mediterranean area. Their seventh child, Frank Calvert, is now credited with discovering the ruins of Troy.

The point I am making is that John Hudden Lander was part of a very influential family. I am staggered that I cannot discover more about him and the comment in your article hints at a similar frustration from your researchers.

I can tell you that John Hudden Lander married Mary Ann Little from Nottingham in about 1802. Their eldest daughter, also Mary Ann, was baptised at St Marys, Nottingham on 9 Sept 1805.

Their second child, Henry Little Lander was born on the Isle of Guernsey in about 1809. He married Mary Ashworth from Nottingham at St Marys, NTT on 7 Jan 1834. He, like his younger brother Edward, my great-great-grandfather, who also married a Nottingham girl (Mary Ann Simpson) AT Nottingham on 11 July 1830. Both were machine lacemakers – firstly in Nottingham but later in Calais, France.

I hope that this additional material may help you discover more about my elusive ancestor. If you do find anything, I would be grateful if you could let me know the details.

Kind regards,

Richard Lander


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David is a retired Traffic Systems Engineer, previously working at Siemens, Sopers Lane, Poole. He has worked in Brazil for 17 years, returning to the UK in 1990, and living in Broadstone since then. David is Secretary of Poole Heart Support Group, and runs a number of charity and non-profit organisation websites.


  1. Dear Richard Lander,

    I am a researcher based in Canakkale/the Dardanelles (you may know it from its ANZAC connections) and have been searching for years for information about the background of Charles Alexander Lander and his sister Louisa Ann Lander, who are both buried in the British Consular Cemetery here in Chanak. Your message above provided valuable hints. What I would like to know as a first step is the name of your “4th great grandfather” (- d.1806), father of John Hudden Lander, David Osmond Lander, Mary Campbell Lander, Charles Alexander Lander, and Louisa Ann Lander, and whether he was abroad during part of his life.

    Charles Alexander Lander arrived at the Dardanelles in 1829 at the age of 43, unmarried, with no clue as to his life before, nor can I verify his exact place and date of birth (ditto his sister). In 1845, at Marseilles, “Mr. Lander, who is accompanied by his family, has not been in England for the last 30 years.” I think that his background, and that of John Hudden Lander, may lie within the British trading colonies at Malta, Zante?, Smyrna, Constantinople, or possibly further afield. I can fill you in with more details about the Lander-Calvert-Bacon-Whittall members of the family while at the Dardanelles, if you wish. Hopefully we can piece together more details about the family.

    Best regards, Graham Lee (aka Ibrahim Aksu)
    Canakkale, Turkey

    • I am looking for information about Adele Du Caurroy married to Charles Alexander Lander, their daughter Sophie Lander was my great grand mother, she married Walter Harry Tribe and their son, John Campbell Tribe my grandfather. I cannot get information about Adele, where she was born etc.

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