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Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – Draft Plan: where do we go from here?


Since June 1st Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum’s draft policies and options for the Broadway have been undergoing a statutory consultation. The minimum period of 6 weeks came to an end on 15th July, however, because of a few technical problems associated with the on-line version the period of consultation has been extended to July 31st but any responses that we receive during the early part of August will still be accepted.

In addition to the on-line document hard copies have been available in the library and Molly’s. The Forum has carried out a number of activities to promote the Neighbourhood Plan and the consultation. Articles have been in both the Echo and Community Magazine as well as Broadstone Link. There has been a display in the Library throughout the consultation period and we have attended St John’s Church Summer Fair in addition to the Family Fun Day. We have also been available to talk to shoppers on the Broadway on two Saturdays in July. We understand there has also been some discussion on various social media. So what happens from now?

We have been successful in our bid for further Government funding and this will enable our consultants to carry out an analysis of the responses received. Subsequent discussions around the findings will inevitably lead to some revisions of both the policies and the options though at this stage there appears to be widespread approval of the draft policies. The options for the Broadway have certainly provoked a lot of comments but it is important to remember that whatever finally goes into the plan represents a long term aspiration for the whole of the Broadway not a short term fix to the toast rack issues. We aim to publish a summary of all the comments and the responses to those comments in due course.

Once the revisions have been made and the background content added, the draft plan will be submitted to Poole Council for consideration. If it is given the green light there will then follow a Public Inquiry led by a Government Inspector. Depending upon the outcome of the Inquiry further revisions may have to be made or it will finally go to a Referendum. On the assumption that the outcome of this is positive then the plan becomes a statutory planning document that developers and Poole planners would have to take note of.

As part of our recent successful bid we have also been allocated a planning consultant to carry out a housing needs analysis which will not only provide us with significant data but will also guide us as to the number and types of housing that Broadstone will need over the lifetime of the plan, ie to 2030. This is an essential element in the development of the plan and underlies the housing policies we have been developing.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who has responded to the consultation. Your comments will help shape the next version of the plan.


Chair, Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum
Email: broadstoneneighbourhood@gmail.com


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First elected to Poole Borough council in 2003 Mike is currently leader of the Lib Dem group. He is married to Annette, recently retired MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, and has two grown up daughters and one granddaughter. Mike has lived in Broadstone since 1977 and is currently chairman of Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum. At council Mike sits on the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee and has recently chaired two working parties; one on bullying in schools and the other on School standards. Mike runs a small business selling mineral specimens world wide, is interested in ornithology and has an eclectic taste in music.

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