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Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch – Chairman’s Report – April 2016


nwatchiconSo the spring has sprung and we are all enjoying longer days and lighter nights to spend in our gardens. It’s the time of year that we start to chat over the fence to our neighbours and remind ourselves what a great community we live in. That community is made up of ordinary people making a difference, often in a very small way individually but collectively having a huge impact on our lives. Our contacts and co-ordinators are some of those people and we are looking for people to join the team so we can make sure that every member can receive their newsletter and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Being a contact involves taking responsibility for between 6 and 15 homes, delivering their newsletter, collecting the annual subscription of just £1 and generally being the eyes and ears keeping an eye out for any unusual behaviour or visitors. Co-ordinators run a group of contacts, distributing the newsletters through the contacts and helping to fill any gaps when people move or retire.

Do get in touch if you feel you could help, we may have your road covered at the moment but to expand our coverage to all homes it’s always good to have back up ready to go.

Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch celebrates 30 years next year and I suspect some of the people doing these roles have been in place for most of that time. We need some fresh blood, who are willing to say hello to their neighbours and bring them on-board as members and possibly to join the committee in the future so we can achieve our ambitions to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour still further, and foster a sense of safety and community for everyone who lives in Broadstone.

Jeff Davies handed over the reins of the Membership Officer’s Job to Russell Perry on the 1st April. We are so grateful to Russell for taking on this Job keeping up the records of the Watch Membership. Jeff is very deserving of our thanks, having done this job along with the Development role for 12 years. He now feels it is time to retire. During that time he has significantly increased the Watch Membership to over 3200 households. Jeff says he always found the job to be very enjoyable and satisfying, and wishes Russell well in the future. Jeff will continue as Russell’s deputy for 12 months to ensure a good handover.

All we need now is someone to take on the Development roll which is so vital to us, not only in maintaining the current membership but increasing it from our current 70% of Broadstone households. Please do offer to have a go at this job if you would like to put a little bit back into the community, and help keep Broadstone Watch up amongst the leading Watches in Dorset. Jeff would be your deputy in this role also.

Thereafter, until a volunteer comes forward, Co-ordinators will be responsible for recruitment in their respective areas, as well as finding replacements for Contacts who leave. Jeff has agreed to become deputy to his successor, until the 2017 AGM.

Vikki Slade, Chair, Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch.

Police Report – Broadstone

Dear Residents

I am pleased to report a sedate March for our local policing team, with low volume of crime incidents. However, we have been very busy with lots of concern for welfare calls; on 14 occasions this month the Police have assisted with welfare calls to Broadstone residents, whether that be facilitating entry to check of people’s safety or to deal with missing and confused people.

Also this month, together with our partners in the Urban Heath partnership, we launched this year’s Heathland Operation in line with Arson Awareness Week. Officers, PCSOs and Special Constables, along with Heath Watch volunteers will be conducting high visibility patrols across the Heathlands, working together to protect our beautiful heathland from damage, vandalism and arson.

Anti-social behaviour calls to Police for the last period:

  • Chair dumped in Springdale First School grounds! (01/03)
  • Lewesdon Drive – caller reported that young people were making a den with some of the cuttings left by the Local Authority – please be reassured we had no reports of any trouble from this incident and your Neighbourhood Police Team are keeping an eye on things.
  • Suspicious male taking photos on the Trail way – enquiries ongoing 19/3
  • Dangerous driving & speed concerns – Lower golf links road 25/3

Community Priority for Broadstone SNT

Cold Callers – With the warmer weather on the horizon these types of calls will increase, please keep reporting to us in relation to rogue traders / odd jobbers going door to door offering their services whether it be roofing, gardening or window cleaning. We want to check whether they are genuine.

Just a reminder, if you have approaches to your door and you have doubts, call us, a genuine company won’t mind the delay. Equally neighbours please look out for each other; on more than one occasion the questions posed by a well-meaning ‘nosey neighbour’ have prevented a crime!!

Really good news however, is that areas with a strong Neighbourhood watch Group are statistically less attractive to these criminals

For pure crime statistics please use the following website which enables you to access number of crimes and type in your area http://www.police.uk/

For the month of March so far, Police have received reports of 46 occurrences for the Broadstone area which all have to be processed by our control room. This includes everything from a fallen tree, concern for welfare messages to crime reports.

Also of interest, is the number of cybercrime referrals reported to us – these are internet/ identity frauds and scams, where, your neighbourhood is not relevant as they happen online, but I think the volume of these incidents will be worth monitoring, this month 2 (documented below) have been reported to Police from the Broadstone area.

  • One ID Fraud where a male’s bank card was used without his knowledge
  • One scam call relating to a drains and drainage company

Local Community Crime Summary for BH18 in February (not including online crime, domestic abuse or road traffic incidents)

What can you help us with this month?

  • Theft of front number plate X8YMA Clarendon Road 18/3
  • Theft of meat valued at £88 from Bugden’s – a couple driving a blue Nissan Micra made off from scene – do you know who this was?
  • Criminal damage to a vehicle – Lower Blandford Road 25/3

Dates for the Diary:

New dates to meet the Broadstone team are being shared between Molly’s café and Costa Coffee on the following dates and with some general themes, albeit they are happy to discuss any issues arising:
4 May 2016, 2 pm Costa Coffee, The Broadway

Please remember if you have information that can help us solve crime, you can call the Crime stoppers number 0800 555 111 anonymously or email the local policing team.

Together, we will keep Broadstone a safe place!

Inspector Claire Phillips, Poole North

General information from the editor

Home Security Police visit

Since a fair proportion of our members do not have computers, we have been in contact with Dorset Police to determine if they still offer Police home security surveys and are pleased that these are still available from your local SNT team.

Those who wish a visit should telephone 101 or make contact by email. They should ask for PC 2183 Caroline Walton and ask for a safety survey visit, not forgetting to leave their telephone number and/or email address. Alternatively, contact any Watch committee member who will pass on your request.

Home Fire Safety visit

In the last year, the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service (DFRS) attended 417 accidental fires in the home. These could have been avoided if people were more aware of basic fire safety in their homes.

DFRS offer a free home fire safety visit that will assess your home and offer advice on how to make it safer and where appropriate they will fit a smoke alarm.

The home fire safety visit is usually for people regarded as having a higher risk of fire in the home, such as:

  • Older people living alone
  • People with mobility, vision or hearing impairments
  • People accessing mental health service users

The smoke detectors are installed and provided free of charge. They are sealed units and last around 10 years after which they are replaced for free.

Advice is also given on carbon monoxide detectors and where these can be purchased.

To request a Free Home Safety Check call 01305 252600 or use the new online form found at www.dorsetfire.gov.uk.

Stepping Stones – Dementia Awareness

The monthly drop-in at the Methodist Church on 2nd Friday from 2.30pm for tea and chat, information and advice.

Drop in to the Library on 3rd. Thursday each month, 10 – 12md for chat and advice for Carers

The weekly Reading Group continues in the Library on Tuesday mornings.

There will be a Carer’s Fair on 20th May from 3 – 5pm in the Library, with various stands to give advice. Do come and join us.

The possibility of finding a “safe haven” to look after lost and wandering people until their carers can be contacted is continuing.

BNW members are asked to keep an eye on and be aware of vulnerable neighbours, which is what “neighbourliness” is all about.

The website for information is www.broadstonesteppingstones.uk.

Proposed change to the Constitution

Twenty one days’ notice is hereby given of a proposal to change the Constitution which will be made at the AGM on the 26th May 2016. The amendment is to broaden the membership of the Watch Committee by the inclusion of the Membership and Development Officers. These will be in addition to the current officers (Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer). The inclusion on the Committee of the 8 Coordinators and the Local Police Officer will be unchanged.

AGM Reminder

Please come to our AGM, 7.30pm St John’s Hall, 26th May. Our Speaker this year is Tracy Bartram, editor, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance who has agreed to talk about this registered charity who have flown more than ten thousand missions since its launch in March 2000, saving many lives and aiding recovery with immediate care and rapid delivery to the hospital best suited to meet the patient’s needs. With no direct Government or National Lottery funding, they rely on the generosity of the public and events like Coast to Coast for support.

The official business is transacted very quickly, and it covers the election to the Committee of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, also the Development and Membership officers (if approved in the Constitution change) and 8 Coordinators. If you would like to stand for one of these posts you could mention it to our Chairman, or just put your name forward on the night. Please give our Secretary 2 weeks’ notice of any questions you would like to raise on the night.

Light refreshments will be provided.

February Crime Stats for BH18.

We are sorry not to give you these figures this month. The source February data is still not available from the Police at 6pm today (11th April), and we feel we cannot delay publication of this Newsletter any longer and still hope to be topical. We will attempt to publish two months data next month.

Vikki Slade
T. 01202 604191
E. chair@broadstonewatch.org.uk
Elaine Frew
T. 01202 693480
Richard Hudson
T. 01202 778526
Email Membership & Special Newsletters
John Hewer
T: 01202 699731
E: enewsletters@broadstonewatch.org.uk
Membership Officer
Russell Perry
T. 01202 695917
Community Beat Officers
PC 2183 Caroline Walton
PCSO 5439 Kerrie Burns
T. 101
Development Officer
Jeff Davies
T. 01202 989549
T. 0800 555 111
Parris Bliss
T. 01202 601159

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