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Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch – Chairman’s Report – February 2016


Late last year I asked for members views about the Neighbourhood Watch opening a Community Information Office in the library making security items available for sale and offering advice on a range of home and community safety matters.

A small number of responses were received expressing some interest in purchasing items if the office were available and one resident came forward as a possible volunteer. Since then we have been talking to Dorset Police about a different scheme that is being rolled out in selected communities across the county. This Contact Point Volunteer scheme would provide the facility for our volunteers to assist members of the public in reporting non-urgent incidents online using the police website.

The scheme is designed for those who are cautious about using the internet alone or for those who are unsure where to send reports. Volunteers would be trained in signposting members of the public, using the technology and be provided with the equipment needed. The police would like us to run this on two days per week from 10am until 2pm.

This does not replace 101 (or 999 which should always be used for emergencies) but we hope that, where residents may have felt put off from using the 101 system for whatever reason, they can get an assisted report under way, so we can ensure that all incidents are properly reported and our community remains properly resourced.

I would encourage all residents to email or call me with their views, as the committee can only take this project forward if we have a demonstrable demand and can cover the volunteers.

We have also been discussing a new No Cold Calling Zone with Borough of Poole. Broadstone already has a small number of these zones where residents can call the council if they are visited at the door by an uninvited tradesperson. Roads are selected where there are vulnerable residents and where persistent cold calling has been a problem that has been reported to the council or to the police.

The scheme is operated through trading standards and this department has not been immune from the cuts. As a result, the council have not approved any new schemes in the last year or so and we would only be able to proceed if we could cover the costs of a consultation and signage. For this reasons, we are proceeding with some caution.

One area of Broadstone has been identified by both the committee and by Borough of Poole as a potential zone. It is imperative that we hear from residents who feel that their roads should be considered with reports of recent persistent or aggressive sales people or rogue traders. I would also ask residents to report incidents to Borough of Poole as they happen so that records are accurate and future zones can be considered on their merit and based on evidence.

If the committee decide to take forward an additional No Cold Calling Zone there will be a period of consultation with residents living within the zone and the scheme would only go ahead if a majority of residents wished to proceed.

Please do email or telephone me, or a member of the committee, if you wish to share your views on either scheme or if you would like to offer yourself as a volunteer for any library based scheme we decide to pursue.

Police Report – Broadstone

Dear Residents. Looking back on the first month of 2016 Broadstone is looking fairly healthy from a police perspective. PCSO Kerrie Burns has joined PC Caroline Walton focussing on Broadstone issues. Only three Anti-social behaviour calls for the last period which includes New Year’s Eve:

  • Motorbikes being ridden on heathland Delph Woods 09/01
  • Underage drinking and smoking, Broadstone Recreation Ground 16/01 –area search conducted by local officers who found litter but no individuals
  • ASB and glass smashing Broadstone Recreation Ground, Ridgeway 20/01 – Neighbourhood Policing Team identified and dealt with youth concerned.

Community Priority – Broadstone SNT

Cold Callers – we are still receiving calls in relation to rogue traders / odd jobbers going door to door offering their services whether it be roofing, gardening or window cleaning.

This month I have identified one such call came from Dunyeats Road 09/01 where neighbours deterred a doorstep jobber – excellent work!

Just a reminder, if you have approaches to your door and you have doubts, call us, a genuine company won’t mind the delay. Equally neighbours please look out for each other; on more than one occasion the questions posed by a well-meaning ‘nosey neighbour’ have prevented a crime!!

Really good news however, is that areas with a strong Neighbourhood Watch Group are statistically less attractive to these criminals. For pure crime statistics please use the following website which enables you to access number of crimes and type in your area http://www.police.uk/

For the month of January so far, Police have received reports of 76 occurrences for the Broadstone area which all have to be processed by our control room. This includes everything from a fallen tree, concern for welfare messages to crime reports.

Also of interest, is the number of cyber crime referrals reported to us – these are internet/identity frauds and scams, where, your neighbourhood is not relevant as they happen online, but I think the volume of these incidents will be worth monitoring, this month 4 (documented below) have been reported to Police from the Broadstone area.

A further call involving drainage solutions company to a Westcroft Park resident– Pc Walton attended to offer advice to our resident.

A call relating to an elderly lady and an Australian Lottery Fraud where they keep telling you have won prizes and you need to send money to access these prizes – it is a scam! Again PC Walton visited our resident to offer advice.

A resident in Roman road reported a telephone scam by a caller purporting to be from Microsoft and asking for bank card details.

And finally, a resident of Greenhayes reported a caller purporting to be from Scottish Power offering a refund and again seeking bank card details.

Local Community Crime Summary for BH18 in January (not including online crime, domestic abuse or road traffic incidents)

What can you help us with this month?

  • Shoplifting of 6 joints of beef from Budgens 30/12
  • Criminal Damage to motor vehicle – by way of eggs being thrown at the vehicle – Cheam Road 10/01 – who is doing this?
  • More shoplifting of steak Tescos 11/01
  • Further Graffiti – in the subway – Neighbourhood policing team are investigating this latest in a string of offences – 2 youths have been interviewed in relation to these offences and premises searched.
  • Attempt burglary at Broadstone Golf Club (greenkeepers store) 21/01 but nothing stolen.
  • Theft of iPhone at Leisure Centre 21/01

Dates for the Diary:

New dates to meet the Broadstone team are being shared between Molly’s café and Costa Coffee on the following dates and with general themes, albeit they are happy to discuss any issues arising:

  • Thursday 10th Mar – Bike Night at Broadstone youth club supported by Dorset Police
  • Fri 11th March 10am at Costa Coffee, the Broadway (Theme – tbc)

If you know or have information to assist, please contact your local officer PC 2183 Caroline Walton. Please remember if you have information that can help us solve crime, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously or email the local policing team. Together, we will keep Broadstone a safe place!

Inspector Claire Phillips (Poole North)

Dementia Awareness News

The website for information is www.broadstonesteppingstones.uk.

There is a monthly drop-in at the Methodist Church on 2nd Friday from 2.30pm for tea and chat, information and advice.

Drop in to the Library on 3rd Thursday each month, 10-12am for chat and advice for Carers

The monthly Reading group in the Library is on the 1st Friday each month.

It is helpful if BNW members can keep an eye on any vulnerable neighbours.


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