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Councillor Update – Conservatives – July 2016

Joanne Tomlin

Cllr Joanne Tomlin

One of the big changes that is set to improve the street scene of the village over the next approximately 18-24 months, is the redevelopment of the old Palmer ‘Manor’ building in Dunyeats Road. The developer has recently started by clearing the site. A big challenge for us was to ensure that the wide range of normal Post Office services are still available to everyone during the temporary re-location of the Post Office. The Post Office owners have been extemporary in the way they run the Post Office business, to the benefit of our residents over many years and we are lucky to still have it. A lot of smaller villages and even large towns, such as Poole have lost their main Post Office.

Cllr David Newell

Cllr David Newell

I am happy to report that the Post Office have officially confirmed to me, saying they will operate throughout the re-building work, located in a new temporary branch just a few doors away from the current location in a Porta-cabin at Dunyeats Road, Broadstone, BH18 8AG. The move of the Post Office service and the regeneration of the estate will provide an improved experience for Post Office customers when they return to their new premises, but this may take up to two years. However, the temporary facility will always be available during that time.

There will be a very short closure – the current branch will close at 12.30pm on Saturday 16 July 2016 and the temporary branch will open in the Portacabin on Monday 18th July 2016 at 9am. I will do my best to keep you informed of the completion date of the new Post Office in due course. Please continue to use it as normal, or we may lose it.

I have received many emails and messages about the possible development of the ‘green’ site at Lytchett Drive for ‘affordable housing’. Many thanks to all ward councillor colleagues, our MP Michael Tomlinson who has supported us throughout, and everyone who worked so hard to lobby leaders of Poole Council to oppose the proposal. I am happy to report that all the lobbying you and your ward councillors have done, both in public and in person with the members of Poole’s Cabinet – where we were often in the minority, on our own or a lone voice – the vast majority of our residents agreed with us and helped oppose any development – seems to have paid off. The final result is a recommendation from Cabinet to the officers that removes the site from the list of possible sites for future developments. We spoke strongly at the scrutiny ‘call-in’ committee against the proposal and the recommendation was to change the land use to ‘Open Space’, which cannot be built on. We will continue to argue for this and will keep you fully informed about any news. We are now fairly certain that there will not be any more houses built on the Lytchett Drive site.

Please continue to send us email, write letters or come to see us face-to face at our next surgery in the Library at 10am on July 16th. All are welcome and in common with all your councillors, we are here to help.

Best Wishes.

Cllr David Newell & Cllr Joanne Tomlin


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