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No to traffic lights at junction Dunyeats Rd and Gravel Hill


The proposed works on Gravel Hill scheduled to start next year and last for 8 months include the replacement of the Crematorium Roundabout at the junction of Dunyeats Road and Gravel Hill. We believe that this is unnecessary since traffic flows smoothly at present and any delays at peak times are relatively brief, especially on Dunyeats Road. The installation of traffic lights will, by their very nature, interrupt traffic flows, prevent the smooth access onto the junction and cause additional delay since traffic movements are halted.

If you agree that the installation of traffic lights at this junction is both unnecessary and a waste of money please sign the petition below which states:

“We the undersigned believe the replacement of the Crematorium Roundabout at the junction of Dunyeats Road and Gravel Hill will not only unnecessarily interrupt traffic flows but will also increase congestion. We request Poole Transportation Services listen to the views of local residents and users of the Crematorium Roundabout and withdraw the plans to replace the roundabouts with traffic lights.”

The link to the petition is:



About Author

First elected to Poole Borough council in 2003 Mike is currently leader of the Lib Dem group. He is married to Annette, recently retired MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, and has two grown up daughters and one granddaughter. Mike has lived in Broadstone since 1977 and is currently chairman of Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum. At council Mike sits on the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee and has recently chaired two working parties; one on bullying in schools and the other on School standards. Mike runs a small business selling mineral specimens world wide, is interested in ornithology and has an eclectic taste in music.


  1. Really feel strongly that Roundabouts without lights are better that anything With traffic lights. The congestion in Gravel Hill starts and finishes with the Magna Road Lights Junction. Now if that was a roundabout…that’s a problem solved. Traffic Lights are so expensive.. and always seam to go hand in glove with “custom” road markings, so everyone is always in the wrong lane. eg Fleetsbridge roundbout, Canford Bottom Roundabout and the two roundabouts at either end Towngate bridge in Poole. Why not just put a roundbout in at Gravel Hill Trafic Lights, a good speed camara and decent surveillance cameras. Catch the bad drivers and let the traffic flow… By the way you can then re-do Canford Bottom Roundabout, which is the worst roundabout in the UK.

  2. I was struck by John Rice’s comments in the Echo article of December 5th:

    “The proposals for this junction have been designed to provide a safe link across Dunyeats Road allowing cyclists to cross and use the new cycle way that will link through to Merley”.

    After looking at a DLEP strategy document contained 70 instances of the word sustainable and 38 instances of the word cycling, and at the Bournemouth Poole Dorset Local Transport Plan 3, it seems to me as if all the disruption, expense, traffic lights, and speed reduction is really for a cycle lane, and for no other reason. I venture to suggest that “embankment problems” are a smokescreen intended to deceive the public.

  3. dennis o'mahoney on

    Put a zebra crossing there. No need to install traffic lights. Is someone in the Council on a retainer from Siemens??

  4. I feel very strongly that there should be no traffic lights at Dunyeats Road. The roundabout works perfectly well as it is, and in the morning the traffic is stationary going up and down Gravel Hill, so traffic lights would not help that situation, and would probably only make it worse. I see no sense in the proposal, nor in spending the money on it, which would be better spent elsewhere.

    • Despite the 2000+ signatories on the ‘no traffic lights’ petition, Poole council will more than likely go ahead because ‘they know better’.

    • I think the whole project is merely to benefit cyclists, Jane. And that the landslip thing is a downright lie. Red traffic lights will stop the traffic, making it easier for cyclists to go from Dunyeats to Gravel Hill. Needless to say red traffic lights will not stop cyclists.

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