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Should you upgrade to Windows 10 NOW?


If you are running your computer on Windows 7 or 8.1 you will have received many messages from Microsoft recommending you to upgrade to Windows 10 now, or in the immediate future.

Here are my own personal experiences with Windows 10.

At home I have two computers – one running Windows 7 and the other Windows 8.1.

A few days ago I decided to upgrade my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10. The installation process was automatic and straightforward, and everything seemed to work fine the first time I looked around the modified desktop and available facilities.

A few minor niggles showed up fairly soon, one being the disappearance of my Libraries in File Explorer. I did a bit of research on this and it was pointed out on some bulletin boards that Libraries, which was included in Windows 7 and 8, had been dropped in Windows 10. This may be a temporary problem, to be resolved in a future release, but something I wasn’t too happy about.

OK – not a big problem, but there were more to come.

I noticed that each time I started up my computer it would run a disk check on drive E:. And this was EVERY time. I suspected a real error the first time this occurred, but as no diagnostic was ever reported, then I assumed there was no problem with this drive.

On Saturday, I was working normally on this computer, doing the same activities I had been running on windows 7 for months. For no apparent reason the screen would go blank and the computer would restart – when I was in the middle of editing a file. After restarting and resuming my editing, this happened another two times. I was starting to regret having upgraded to Windows 10!

A short time later, I then started getting error messages from my graphics driver – the nVidia driver had crashed and restarted. This happened another two times within a couple of minutes.

This was really the last straw for me and I decided to restore Windows 7 and wait for a more stable release of Windows 10 in the future.

The restore worked perfectly and my PC is back to its normal operating state as it was before the upgrade. Needless to say I no longer get any error messages on drive E: and the graphics driver is fine.

So what are my conclusions? I am sure that Windows 10 will be excellent when most of the bugs have been eliminated and the software and driver developers have had a chance to upgrade all their products. However, I will probably wait a few months until finally making the move.

If you have had any good – or bad – experiences in upgrading, then let me know by replying to this post at the bottom of the page.


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David is a retired Traffic Systems Engineer, previously working at Siemens, Sopers Lane, Poole. He has worked in Brazil for 17 years, returning to the UK in 1990, and living in Broadstone since then. David is Secretary of Poole Heart Support Group, and runs a number of charity and non-profit organisation websites.

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