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Traffic Lights should be REMOVED, not new ones installed


A recent report has highlighted the fact that traffic lights cause problems and recommend that 80% of those in existence should be removed.

So why does Borough of Poole Council insist on considering the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Dunyeats Road and Gravel Hill?

The study from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) reaches the conclusion that traffic lights should be removed in many cases. Here are some comments from the national press and Road Safety GB:

Rip out 80% of traffic lights to boost economy & road safety

A huge proliferation in traffic regulations over the past twenty years has imposed a heavy burden on the economy. Just a two-minute delay to every car journey equates to a loss of approximately £16 billion every year, equivalent to almost 1 per cent of GDP.

Article from the Institute of Economic Affairs

Read the report “IEA Seeing Red – Traffic Controls and the Economy

Four in every five sets of traffic lights should be removed, report claims

Traffic lights and speed bumps are damaging the economy and the environment, think-tank claims

Four in five sets of UK traffic lights should be torn down to reduce travel delays and boost the economy, a leading think-tank has claimed.

The proliferation of traffic lights, speed bumps and bus lanes seen in Britain in recent decades is “damaging to the economy”, the report from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) finds.

It estimates that a two-minute delay to every car journey ends up costing the UK economy about £16 billion every year.

“Not only is a majority of traffic regulation damaging to the economy, it also has a detrimental effect on road safety and the environment,” the report claims.

Article from the Daily Telegraph

Removing traffic lights would ‘boost economy and road safety’

Eight in 10 traffic lights ‘should be ripped out’ over concerns they are detrimental to road safety, the economy and the environment.

That is the conclusion of a report from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), which says that an ‘alternative approach’ – shared space – can improve road safety without the ‘colossal costs’ associated with traffic lights.

‘Seeing Red: Traffic Controls and the Economy’ concludes that a two-minute delay to every car journey equates to a loss of approximately £16bn every year.

The report advocates the use of shared space schemes which involve the removal of conventional traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights, road markings and bollards.

Article from Road Safety GB


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David is a retired Traffic Systems Engineer, previously working at Siemens, Sopers Lane, Poole. He has worked in Brazil for 17 years, returning to the UK in 1990, and living in Broadstone since then. David is Secretary of Poole Heart Support Group, and runs a number of charity and non-profit organisation websites.

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  1. When the lights at Fleetsbridge roundabout were removed for upgrading for a few weeks a few years ago everyone I spoke to, bus and taxi drivers and normal motorists commented on how much more freely the traffic was flowing.

    I use that junction from approaching from every direction and found it easier.

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