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Councillor Update – Liberal Democrats – March 2016

Mike Brooke

Mike Brooke

I wonder how many residents actually ask the question “Why become a councillor?” I have to admit there are times when I ask myself just that! The answer is the challenges that come along, the involvement with the community and the opportunity to improve things. Getting pot holes filled and street lights repaired are some of the more routine tasks, but just occasionally a really big issues arises. The replacement of the Crematorium roundabout is an ongoing example. The next decision date is in March but with the pressure already brought to bear we are likely to see an alternative “no lights” scheme preferred.

More recently one of Broadstone’s long standing informal play areas in Lytchett Drive has come under threat of development even though it is public open space with legal agreements that state no building, houses or flats can be constructed. The irony is, that should the Council progress a housing scheme, not only would existing residents be deprived of their only safe, accessible play area but the new occupants would also find themselves in an area with no facilities. This space has enabled a great community spirit to develop over the years and to see how families get together for football and cricket matches, picnics and street parties, demonstrates the real value of public open space in improving health and wellbeing. Despite a 192 signature petition, representations from residents and my own submission, Poole’s Cabinet members unanimously voted to progress to the next stage. I would like to publicly thank residents for their help and support. I will continue to fight for the retention of this land as open space and play area.

By the time you read this, the new budget will have been set with a 3.99% increase in council tax. 2% of this is for adult social care, raising £1.34m, yet there will still be cuts in this service of £2.7m, most of which will hit the most vulnerable in our society. This cannot be fair.

Cllr Mike Brooke Tel:01202 696523 Email: m.brooke@poole.gov.uk
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About Author

First elected to Poole Borough council in 2003 Mike is currently leader of the Lib Dem group. He is married to Annette, recently retired MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, and has two grown up daughters and one granddaughter. Mike has lived in Broadstone since 1977 and is currently chairman of Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum. At council Mike sits on the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee and has recently chaired two working parties; one on bullying in schools and the other on School standards. Mike runs a small business selling mineral specimens world wide, is interested in ornithology and has an eclectic taste in music.

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