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Richard Turner – UKIP candidate


Richard Turner – UKIP candidate for Member of Parliament for Mid Dorset and North Poole

richardturnerDorset is arguably the most beautiful county in the United Kingdom and I am determined to protect our natural environment and provide help for our local communities and economy. As a local businessman and seasoned campaigner I am very aware of the issues facing Dorset and I will be a strong and independent voice for Mid Dorset & North Poole.

I believe in individual freedom, personal responsibility and a low tax, small state economy. We must give future generations the tools to drive the UK forward which I believe are ambition, self reliance and pride in our Country.

The future of our Country must be in our own hands and not in the hands of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. UKIP will bring common sense to British politics and ensure that the views of the British people are defended in Westminster.

Yes – To controlled immigration and secure borders.

Yes – To more cost effective energy and policies that will lower energy bills and protect the environment

Yes – To a sovereign parliament that governs in the interest of the British people

“UKIP are taking the fight to the failed political class – both locally and nationally. With the support of the people in Dorset we can bring much needed change and secure a more prosperous future.”

Richard Turner
Parliamentary Candidate



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David is a retired Traffic Systems Engineer, previously working at Siemens, Sopers Lane, Poole. He has worked in Brazil for 17 years, returning to the UK in 1990, and living in Broadstone since then. David is Secretary of Poole Heart Support Group, and runs a number of charity and non-profit organisation websites.

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